By Christopher Go

Late start on Jupiter this year.  Hoping for an exciting year with Jupiter.  The GRS is shrinking!

All images were taken using a Celestron  C14  mounted on an Astrophysics AP900GTO mount.  A Skyris 132M camera are used.  RGB is done using a set of Chroma Technology RGB filters on a Starlight Xpress Motorized filter wheel.  Methane band images are done using a Chroma Methane Band filter (889nm  18nm bandpass).  UV images are done using a Astrodon UV filter.   Amplification is done using an Astrophysics Convertible Barlow working at 2.0X.

Image acquisition was done using  Torsten Edelmann's Firecapture 2.4 software.  All images are NORTH UP!   The Skyris 132m is controlled by a Thinkpad T520 through the USB port.  Processing was done using AutoStakkert! and Registax.

These images were taken at Banilad,  Cebu City, Philippines. 

For more information on the names of various belts and zones of Jupiter and the meaning of the abbreviations I use please check the Sky and Telescope Jupiter Observing Guide.

All images of this site are my property.  If you wish to publish it on your site or print, please email me for permission.


My new C14!

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May 22, 2015 

Seeing was excellent when I started imaging.  But it deteriorated when I started to capture my second set of RGB.

The SEB has a very pale color in this region.  The wake of the GRS extends to this region.  The STB ghost seem to be interacting with the SSTB materials.  Note the light reddish band forming on the STrZ just below the STB.

The NEB has a very dark red color in contrast to the pale SEB.  The NEBn is very complex.  White Spot Z has a very white center.

May 21, 2015 

I had to image late today because I had to attend a meeting.  Seeing was good.  This is probably the most active image of Jupiter I have taken this season.

The GRS is well resolved.  Note the northern part of the  halo is prominent in the Methane band image.  Europa is on the EZ.   Lots of outbreaks in the NEB.  Callisto's shadow is on the NEB.

May 20, 2015 

Condition was perfect this evening.  Jupiter is now moving away and it is getting tougher to image Jupiter as it heads towards the sun.

The SEB is active in this region.  White Spot Z is setting on this image.   The northern edge of the NEB has a lot of complex activity.  

Note the reddish coloration the area around the NTB/NNTZ.   The large white spot on the NNTZ is very bright in methane band and is followed by a dark cyclonic red spot.

May 19, 2015 

Transparency was very poor this evening because of thin clouds.  Seeing was good.

The GRS is at the CM of these images.   The wake of the GRS is very complex.  Note the area of the SEB north of the wake has a very pale color.    However, the area preceding the GRS has a very strong deep red color.  The northern rim of the GRS extending to the preceding side of the SEBn has a strong red band.

The NEB is very active in the region with a lot of outbreaks and rift activity.


May 18, 2015 

Seeing was good this evening.  But my session was cut short because of clouds.

Oval BA is rising on the left.  Note the dark cycle preceding Oval BA.  Note the dark band on the SEBs and the complex activity in the SEBn.

The NEB has some faint rift activity.

May 17, 2015 

Seeing was good this evening. 

The GRS is setting on these images.   The wake of the GRS i s very complex.  The STB ghost (the blue feature on the STB) is well resolved.  This feature is still dark on CH4.

The NEB directly north of the GRS has a lot of rift activity.  While the area following it looks quiet.  But the northern edge of the NEB in this quiet region has some interesting activity.

Volcanic Io is on the EZ.

May 16, 2015 

Seeing unstable this evening.

Oval BA is setting when I took these images.   The SEBn  is very active.   Note the unusual feature on the NEBn just past the CM.  Is a new oval forming here or is the NEB extending.

May 15, 2015 

Seeing was variable this evening.

The White Spot Z is still white.  Note the complex area preceding the WSZ.  The NEB has a dark red color but no outbreaks here.

The SEB quiet in this region.

May 14, 2015 

May 14, 2015 

Seeing was great this evening. 

The GRS is well resolved.   Note the very dark northern halo of the GRS.   The outbreak following the GRS is very complex.   Europa can be seen on the EZ.

Note the complex rift on the NEB.   Lots of violent interaction between the EZ and the NEB.  Note the dark band forming on the SSTB.

May 13, 2015 

I had an interesting imaging session this evening.  While imaging, I was attacked by hundreds of insects (a type of fly).  It was very irritating!  Seeing was average.

The SSTB white spots are clear.  Note the large cyclone at the SSTB at the CM of the first image.  The SEB looks quiet in this region.  The NEB is also quiet but very wide!


May 12, 2015 

Seeing was variable this evening.   

The GRS is setting on these images.  The wake of the GRS is very complex.  The STB ghost is well resolved.  The NEB is very active in this region.  There are a lot of outbreak on the NEB. and complex rifts.  Dark moon Callisto can also be seen on the right side of Jupiter's disk.

May 11, 2015 

Condition was very bad here during the last 3 days because of Super Typhoon Noul.  Fortunately things were very good this evening!  Seeing was excellent!

Oval BA is well resolved in these images.  Note the center white ring has a dark border!  This dark feature is also visible in the IR image.  Note that the SPR has a darkish on visible light.

There is a very dark band on the SEBs. Note the small white spot on the mid-SEB!  The SEBn has a lot of complex activity!

There are light rifts on the NEB.  There seem to be some dark features on the NEBn. 

May 7, 2015 

Transparency was poor this evening because of thin clouds.  Seeing was also variable.

The GRS has a very strong red-orange color.  The northern edge of the GRS halo is very dark.   There are a lot of outbreaks following the GRS.  Europa's shadow is leaving the EZ.  The SEB is very active in this region.

May 5, 2015 

Condition was variable this evening.   I have some changes in my imaging setup.  I am now using a Chroma CH4 filter.   My IR filter is now a Chroma 715nm pass filter.

The GRS is setting on the first image.   Note the complex wake of the GRS.   The STB Ghost seems to be developing a structure.  This feature is very dark in CH4!

The NEB is very active in this region.    White Spot Z is rising in the second image.

May 4, 2015 

It was mostly cloudy this evening.  But I got a small clearing around Jupiter.  I was only able to capture a RGB sequence.

Oval BA is setting on this image while the GRS is rising on the left.  The SEB has a lot of activity on it's northern edge.  There seems to be some weak rift activity on the NEB in this region.

May 3, 2015 

Seeing was better this evening.  But transparency was poor because of clouds! 

The White Spot Z is prominent in these images.  There are some very dark red spots on the NEBn.    Note the reddish band on the NTB. 

The SEB looks quiet in this region.




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