Mars 2016

These images were taken with a C14 XLT on an AP900GTO mount.  I used a Celestron Skyris  236M  USB 3.0 camera.  A Starlight Xpress USB  filter wheel was used to produce an RGB image.  I used an Astrophysics Barcon working at 3X.    To capture I used  FireCapture 2.5.  For processing, I use AutoStakkert and  Registax V5 .

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January 16, 2016

It is still early for the Mars season.  Mars is still 5 arc seconds wide.  Seeing was very unstable this morning.

Syrtis Major is rising on the left.  The bright clouds over Hellas is prominent.  Mare Cimmerium can be seen at the CM.  Some bright clouds over Elysium.


Christopher Go 2014