Saturn's rings are opening up more!    Things look quiet at the start of this season.

These  images are north up and were taken by my C14 mounted on an AP900GTO mount  with a Skyris  camera.  Chroma Technology LRGB filters were used to make the color image.

For info on Saturn's belts and zones please click this link.

You can also see my past images of Saturn at the ALPO Japan Kansai Branch site.
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May 22, 2015

Condition was good last night.  Seeing was a little unstable but I did not have to deal with clouds until close to the end of my imaging run.

It's a few hours before Saturn's opposition and the Seeliger effect can now be seen.  The Seeliger effect brightens the ring of Saturn because the earth is now perfectly between the sun and Saturn.  The ice particles of the ring give us maximum reflection the new next 3 days.

The surface of Saturn has turned pale because of the Seeliger effect.  Note the white band in the SEB.  The polar hexagon is well resolved.  Note the dark spot on the north pole in the IR image.



May 20, 2015

I  had a crazy imaging session.  The sky was mostly clear when I started setting up.  But when I started imaging, clouds started to roll in.  In fact, it was mostly cloudy today except in a 20 deg area around Saturn.  And it stayed that way for almost an hour.  Transparency was variable because of the clouds.

On most interesting thing in these images is a bright storm on the EZn!  This storm is clear in the raw images.   The dark polar spot is very prominent in the IR images.  The polar hexagon is also prominent.


April 1, 2015

Seeing was average this evening.   These are my first images of the season.

Nothing really noticeable on Saturn in this region.  The polar hexagon is still very distinct.  The bands are very distinct especially in IR.  No dark spots in this region.



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